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We have been providing rent a car, and auto repair services in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia for over a decade.  We have many returning clients who are very happy with our services.  Our in-house auto repair center and our mechanics provide reliable service.  All the cars in our fleet are regularly maintained, to ensure safety and security of our clients. We invite you to visit our office and inspect your vehicle during open office hours.  The given price includes all taxes, and insurance.  In addition to the rate for the auto rental you are only required to leave a security deposit, this deposit covers the insurance deductible, missing spent gasoline, and any traffic violation fines you may have incurred while the vehicle was in your possession. To rent a vehicle please complete the booking process on this website, and E-mail us a copy of your passport, and driver license.

Need to rent a car, already in Tbilisi? We can send a vehicle to pick you up free of charge, call our main office Telephone number +995 322 355 604.

Reservations made for car pickup in Batumi, or Kutaisi, and clients who plan to travel to Armenia, or Azerbaijan need to make reservations at least two days in advance of pickup date.

Our clients who plan to travel out of country will be required to leave a larger security deposit, and pay an out of country fee, this will cover the document preparation for your out of country travel.

To reserve a car, a payment is not required to be made in advance, we ask for you to pay the rent fee, and leave the security deposit on the date of car pickup, after you inspect your reserved vehicle.

We can provide you with a driver for an addition daily rate, this rate will only cover the drivers service fee, if you are using the services of a driver for travel outside of Tbilisi, you will need to cover all of the drivers meal, and lodging costs.

Please feel free to contact our office for answers to any questions you have, we can provide a special cost saving rate for long duration rentals lasting a month or longer.

After you have completed your reservation, please E-mail us a copy of your driver license, and passport, along with the confirmation number you will receive. If time constraints or circumstance prohibits you from sending us copies of your documents, do let us know, and make sure to have on hand a valid passport, and a valid driver license on the date of vehicle pickup.

Short term rent periods of three days and under have kilometer travel limits imposed.  You will be charged extra if you travel over the limit.  You have free of charge 250kilometers per day, two days 500km, three days 750km total. Rent period of 4 days and more are unlimited travel included.  For any extra kilometers we will charge 1km/$0.30 or 1mile/$0.50. Rent periods lasting four days or more have unlimited travel distance.



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